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I am not sure you are close to being right GS. Trump does have 30 to 35% of the GOP right now and what do the rest have. The rest except Rubio , Cruz and Carson are all in the single digit. No body whats them. The old GOP that has not done there job, they only want to keep them self clean so they can be reelected. We need term limits of two terms only but these Rhinos want to live in Washington for 20, 30 years. The old GOP keep pushing Jeb Bush PLEASE I live in Florida and he was not that great of a Governor. We do not need another Bush.
Then there is Gov. Chris Christie which has given his hand many time to Obama and is from a left wing state, not good on gun laws. Then there is John Kasich another left state Governor, his views on guns and abortion are right there with the left. Rand Paul has the problem with defense of the country.
Mike Huckabee well he is a great man but doesn’t have the energy for what is needed today. Same goes for Rick Santorum, the two I would vote for but they will never be picked by the old GOP. Also the independent vote would not pick them.
Sen. Lindsey Graham he is just all over the place and also is missing energy for today. Carly Fiorina doesn’t have it. She has something that people do not like about her, I am not sure what it is.

So we only have four to pick from and out of the four I think in a debate only three have a chance against Hillary because of there energy and debate skills and that is Trump, Cruz and Rubio. The three have the poll numbers and energy, skills to have a chance. If it is Trump against Hillary I will vote for Trump. I will vote for anyone of the three. I will not vote if the GOP pushes there own pick that the people didn’t vote for or picked. So if that happen for sure Hillary will win. But Hillary will have a hard time in a debate with Trump. Trump will say what is on his mind.

This is my opinion.