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Im not ready to trust todays ‘men’ in a mans role . just sayin

Today’s Army at least, consists of some of the same quality of men you’d have found in the 1940s. That patriotic, decent, motivated individual will always be around (though in dwindling numbers, sadly). But then there is a very large percentage that sign up solely because they couldn’t make it on the outside (i.e. couldn’t find a decent job to support their wives/girlfriends and their kids). They’re taking certain categories of convicted felons, looking the other way on prior drug use, not doing mental health background checks, etc., just to keep the ever-dwindling head count up to required levels. And it’s known that at least a small percentage (it doesn’t take many) are coming in from the gangs to get the “education” in weapons and tactics. Don’t forget the increasing number (it appears) of non-citizens that are joining from countries all over the world – including a regular stream of Chinese – in order to gain citizenship at graduation from basic training.

Yes, they’re cutting troops, and at least some of the ones being cut NEED to go. But mid-level NCOs and officers are being pushed out the door left and right (the poor performers, even along with some spectacular people), and many more are fed up and getting out on their own. But despite lower numbers coming into basic training, they’re still having to take the “welfare” cases (those that came in only for the steady income, medical benefits, and/or the college education).