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namelus, the hysterical left will change their tune when the jihadis let loose across the country. Though they won’t admit it to themselves now, they will quickly see that the occasional wacko with a gun does not pose the same risk as hundreds or thousands of jihadis on the mission to martyr themselves.

Though most of my county’s representation in the VT Statehouse are Republicans and the area generally conservative (by VT standards), the Editor of the local newspaper is as leftist as you get on all the left’s pet issues. Today’s editorial more or less chastised the general public for immediately assuming a bomb explosion the other day was somehow associated with radical Islam. In Northfield, VT a homemade pipe bomb went off in an apartment just recently occupied about 2 weeks earlier. The police then found a 2nd pipe bomb in the apartment. Northfield is home to Norwich University which is a military college. Because news reports gave no info on the occupants of the apartment, most folks (me included) assumed it must be jihadis. Turned out it was local Darwin Award candidates, though as yet nobody is saying what they were doing making pipe bombs. Given the current jihadi environment in the Western world, in my opinion it was not unreasonable for folks to assume the most likely candidates were jihadis. The editorial however chastised us for somehow assuming Muslims were the most likely source. Everytime ‘Bams comes out with a new anti-gun speech, the editorial will go on and on about his great leadership and how we must do something about this scourge of gun violence. The other day Trump was dragged through the mud in the editorial for suggesting we stop Muslim immigration until such point as we can properly screen. Muslims and immigrants in general enrich the fabric of our society they say.

When the jihadis really get going here, these leftist anti-gun folks are going to be only too happy to have gun owners come to their rescue.