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We are staying where we are and have been prepping for years! We may have a possible location to go to but it is not a priority for us. We do not live very close to any ghetto areas and the locations that do have a lot of that are separated by bridges and water which can be cut off easily by authorities.

We decided to stay put for several reasons; 1. the weather here is reasonable and survivable. 2. When we looked into other locations in the United States there were too many states participating in fracking. Since our youngest is a cancer survivor we did not want to risk moving somewhere where this type of mining is going on. 3. Access to water is pretty easy here. 4. Prices are better than other areas. 5. Gun laws are pretty good. Castle law is very strong here. I.E, castle law is the right to protect self and property.

Things we have done.

Water filtration is done. We have whole house filter system plus faucet systems. We also have a 22 thousand gallon pool and storm pond two houses away. We have these portable water filters http://store.seychelle.com/Products-Std._Filtration_Bottles.html with plenty of replacement filters. Each one will filter 100 gallons of water.

Just got four 55 gallon drums to reclaim rain water as well. That is not installed yet. Another project waiting for my action.

Food for at least one year. Food dehydrator, camp stove, plenty of propane plus grill. Just learned about a stove to cook on made out of cinder blocks. That is my next project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s816p6mus8g

Set for several different types of weapons, know how to use them and plenty of ammo. Shotguns are the best and we have two of them.

Tons of candles I have collected from garage sales. The best are the very large ones with three or more wicks. In power outages we have used these and they last a long time. Crank flashlights, tons of batteries plus rechargeable batteries.

Been making my yard into a permaculture paradise : ) Learning gardening in semi tropical weather has not been easy. Have lots of sugar cane, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, pigeon pea trees, moringa trees, citrus, mango, banana, avocado, papaya, grapes, figs, peaches and pomegranate growing. Sounds like a lot of food but when and if SHTF it is paltry. Gardening is hard work and the harvest is taken by animals and bugs.

So far the best food producers are sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, sugar cane, celery, scallions, Moringa trees and pigeon pea trees.

Two large freezers full of food. Generator to run freezers and one a/c unit. Metal shutters for our windows with security cameras around our house plus security lights. Window film on all windows plus locks. If windows get broken we can use the metal shutters.

Our doors are metal security framed and barred. When installed we also added metal to our wooden door frame and the security doors were installed with three inch screws. It would be near impossible to get through our doors. We were robbed in 2007 and learned from this incident. No one was home or harmed. It was a smash and grab through the front door, hence steel security doors.

I have been stocking up on shoes and clothes for every member of our family for a couple of years. Including underwear and socks. Here in the US I have noticed that quality of goods has gone down markedly. 100% cotton is getting harder and harder to find.

We have enormous amounts of books and music (my two passions). I figure we may need entertainment as we do not know how this whole thing will unfold. Many of the books are reference books covering many subjects like home medicine, remedies, using herbs, farming gardening, etc. We also have an assortment of board games and musical instruments.

I make my own fertilizer and it works well. Right now diseases are killing off avocado and citrus in Florida. But my trees are coming back because I spray them with fermented seaweed that I make in a garbage can.

I have tried to think of everything like soap and matches, bandages, first aid, canned goods, other types of weapons that are silent, dog food for many months, dog chews, beans of every kind in canned and dried, meat, sugar, tea, coffee, shampoo, condition, toilet paper, moist wipes, whew, so much stuff. Vitamins, antibiotics, many home remedies, and so on. Its a lot of work but as time has gone on we are feeling more and more secure.

We had chickens and gave them away. If SHTF they are way too noisy to have around. Our friend and neighbor and I are looking into raising rabbits because they are QUIET. Every time a hen lays an egg she has to announce it to the world and makes so much noise they can be heard a block away.

Our cars are older but in very good shape.

I feel pretty set up. We learned all this stuff in 2005 when central florida was hit by several hurricanes. For us there was never a direct hit, some fear and power outages but nothing life threatening. We did learn a lot from the experience and this was one of the things that started us prepping.

My husband and I are both street smart having grown up in big cities. We know we can survive many scenarios. One has to have security within themselves first, then the rest comes.

I believe that man always rises to the occasion. Witness WWI and WWII, terrible times yet the stories of valor and survival are incredible. Hopefully, what ever happens is not a complete melt down of social order and is just a great depression with subsequent violence and looting that is temporary and contained. There are so many positive things happening such as home gardening, chicken raising, etc. People are getting self sufficient. All of these things are positive and good.

Sorry, I did not plan to make this so lengthly. Hope it sounds okay. : )