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Good move, Tolik! Your right to life, liberty, and property should not depend on any government (and can’t depend on this one), no matter how solemnly they may have previously promised to defend them. You have those rights because you are a human being — because you can’t live a fully human life without them — God given, if you will. The Second Amendment is simply a codification of the limits on the government’s power; it is not self-enforcing, but to be honored by a government which respects the documents creating it. We already know how that turned out.

It is our both our good fortune to have lived in the Republic before its end, and our loss to witness its end. In my view, the end of the battered and bastardized Republic, and the beginning of a succeeding, but weakened Empire was the coronation of Barack the First. It remains to be seen if the much reduced nation can survive him to become a strong and viable Empire, a resurrected and beneficial Constitutional Republic, or a handful of warring Peoples’ States. Those who pick emperors as they once picked presidents, probably favor the first, if they can get our progeny to abandon as pointless, the desire for liberty and their identifying traces of American culture. Can the survivors learn to recreate a Republic? We shall see, provided we survive to encourage its rebirth.

Cry, "Treason!"