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If push comes to shove (and it usually does), the Extreme Court has no troops to enforce their decisions, and the Just-Us-es all understand that. Within the realm of possibility (but not of probability), the finest CONgress money can buy could pass legislation to forbid federal expenditures to violate the Second Amendment, or to import unlimited refujihadis, and could conceivably pass it with enough super majority to override presidential veto, but they also have no troops. To such hypothetical counterweights, Hussein has made crystal clear that he will do absolutely whatever he wishes, though the entire nation stand unanimously against him.

As for the troops, of course there are some among them, both officers and enlisted, who take their oaths seriously. But I believe that, since Hussein’s (still ongoing) military putsch, they are in such minority, and under such scrutiny, that if they value their careers and lives, they keep it to themselves. In the shove to which push ultimately comes, they’ll be lucky to escape alive. Befehl ist immer Befehl!

The only wild card in the deck is whether Hussein’s frantic realignment of all the ducks, civilian as well as military, can be completed to his satisfaction, before he decides to pull the trigger.

Cry, "Treason!"