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Freedom, the vast majority of properties in almost any significant sized city in the world (even Russia) are pictured, by address, on Google Maps. I once found what looked like a mall or something in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where you could travel up and down the indoor hallways – not just the streets outside. Google has mapped the vast majority of the reasonably civilized world photographically, and you can “travel” along the streets just as if you were walking or riding a bike, go around corners, look at the neighbors’ houses, then look back at the satellite view and see what’s in those neighbors’ (or yours) back yards. China, Vietnam, Burma, Iran, and most of Africa (except for South Africa) haven’t allowed general photographic mapping, though even most of those have allowed individual places of general interest to be photographed. Play around with Google Maps and you’ll be astounded at what all Google has amassed. Europe? North America? Much of South America (except Venezuela, particularly)? They’ve almost all allowed Google to come in and take a complete photographic tour for you and anyone else to see, at will. Don’t even for a moment think that governments don’t have all of that, of course.

We know some people that literally purchased their new retirement house that way (an already existing home), in a city they’d never been to before (other than possibly the husband). It was all done through photographs, and particularly traveling along the streets in that city via Google Maps, looking in back yards of neighbors, looking at the front yards, seeing what the house USED to look like a year or two ago before it was fixed up for sale, etc. Heck – you can see (in the HISTORY photos of our house) who we voted for in 2008 despite the poorly blurred out campaign sign in our yard. Like some of us have been saying, our privacy and our liberties are eroding, and it’s mainly the older folks that can compare today with the way it was 40 to 50 years ago that are aware of it. The 20-something crowd ain’t got a clue, with few exceptions!

Are your eyes opening?