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Oh, thank you! I thought I was the only one anymore that remembered General Partin. I’d forgotten about former Rep. Key until recently when I went digging back into OKC (right after San Bernardino). I’ve always been highly skeptical (much too mild a word, actually) of OKC. I well remember the reports of the packages being removed from the building marked “explosives,” and read reports that they were actually allowed to carry out that work while rescue and recovery efforts were briefly suspended just for them. I also remember actually seeing the seismographic record of the double “event,” but had forgotten that the FedGov kids weren’t in daycare that day. The other totally bizarre thing about OKC was the fact that they began demolition of the building only a month after the explosion. There is simply no way FedGov gets something that major “out of the way” under any kind of normal circumstances. My wife and I were dumbfounded even at the time at how lightning fast that went. But the job was done, it became a park, and there was zero possibility of ANYone ever being able to examine the evidence and come up with any other conclusions – if any were to be had. Why not just leave it there the usual long time, and let whoever wanted to examine and test the remains of the building, do as they pleased? (If there was nothing to get rid of….)

I don’t know about 9/11 and the twin towers. MAYBE, just maybe, the structure vs. the never-considered method of bringing them down really did result in the almost free-fall pancaking of those two buildings. But Building 7? I have NEVER bought that. I even saw a news report of its collapse that had a time stamp on it (from England, if I remember correctly – but I could be wrong) that was absolutely, positively, PRIOR to the building going down. The very weak “explanations” for the supposed “anomaly” or “error” in the time of the filed story were well short of even what could be considered “weak.”

Call me a conspiracy theorist. I don’t really care. I am highly skeptical of ALL stories until I start putting pieces together, and sometimes they don’t come out the way I want them to. I do my very best to go with what appears logical and accurate, after the most evidence can be gathered. One of the ways I don’t want them to come out is to find that my government is taking down buildings, or even letting an operation get out of control to the extent that they unintentionally get taken down or at least far exceed the intended result. So if that’s to be labeled crazy conspiracy beliefs, so be it. I remember being gung-ho pro-Vietnam war in college, ready to go fight the commies and prevent the domino theory from ever happening. But I also saw how the war was being controlled, and was very pro-Goldwater (bomb Hanoi!). Get the darned war over with, bring our guys home, and stop wasting some of our best in rice paddies and jungles. I was already active duty enough years to talk to fellow pilots who’d been there and while it was still going on (even had orders to go to SE Asia that got changed at the last minute, thankfully now), and KNEW about coming home with full loads that they weren’t allowed to drop, despite very legitimate targets in sight, for example. I couldn’t count the number of those quietly discussed stories “just among us pilots,” from those that had experienced them. And I all too painfully remember the clear evidence that living Americans were intentionally left in SE Asia after “all” the POWs came home. I well remember Senator Bob Smith and Bobby Garwood, and what came out as a result of Senator Smith’s trip to N. Vietnam. I know people who are very well acquainted with those (some deceased now due to age) who were directly involved in all that. And I have zero personal doubt that we knowingly left POWs behind, and that W’s daddy was directly (somehow) involved in that. That’s just one example, but it’s the one I have impeccable sources on, and those kinds of things have happened time and time again in my lifetime. It becomes hard to dismiss concerns that there are those of significantly less honor in government, that do things that have caused the Founders to probably screw their way out of their own graves because of all the spinning they’ve had to do while laying there rolling over.

So here we are back in late 2015, and again I see things that just don’t add up, on top of things about Boston that never added up. The supposedly best intelligence available missed some absurdly available things (or just dismissed them intentionally), yet another bad thing happened, and it’s being used as an excuse to further take away fundamental liberties. That’s the bottom line. Within weeks (not even a month) of 9/11, Congressman Ron Paul stood up on the floor of the House and made a well founded, impassioned plea, in which he predicted the full-blown Patriot Act, and everything that we’re seeing today. But he was just a conspiracy nutcase…. Sumpin’ wrong wit da picture. [rambling/OFF]