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I saw Shepard (sp?) Smith as well, and wanted to stick my finger down my throat at his coverage. I couldn’t even watch it. The other thing I particularly noticed about him (others as well, but particularly him) is how he DETAILED the ways LE was investigating the crime, the kinds of leads they would follow, etc. As I have many times in the past, I actually said out loud to my wife, “Well gee, Shep! Why don’t you just make it all the easier for the next guys that want to pull this off to know what NOT to do wrong so they don’t get caught.” It’s become sport to the “news” media to exercise their freedom of the press and tell everything they can – to get ratings. As with the terrorism itself, it’s all about money and power. Therefore, they’re more than willing to follow along with the much greater power structure in order to be allowed their “freedoms.”

As for the training exercise, I will also verify that – I saw it talked about more than once. Pure coincidence, uh huh? Certainly weird. As an objective observation, there are just too many weird pieces with this (as with other terrorist activities) that just don’t fit neatly into the main puzzle picture. Just sayin’ ….