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Rob, there is a trick to repair damaged nerves that we learned from our Chinese doctor. My daughter had severe neuropathy during chemo and this trick worked.

Get a large sponge, like the type to clean cars. You rub the sponge up the area affected by the pain. In our case it was the bottom of the feet and achilles tendon so the sponge was rubbed in an upward motion from the bottom of her toes, bottom of foot and up the back of her calf. This was done countless times a day. This ancient trick supposedly makes the body use new nerve channels. It worked for her along with high dose B12 and cal/mag drinks every day. Magnesium works with calcium and is essential for nerve health. You could give it a try. We were able to ween our daughter off of neurontin medication after we started implementing these natural remedies.

Because of damage from chemo she still uses B12 in high doses because the tingles still linger when she stands for too long. But all pain ceased long ago.