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L Tecolote, you’ve hit that one on the head. That’s exactly what I fear also. Teddy Kennedy got stopped in the airport more than once due to “his” name being on the “no fly” list, and John Lewis (D-GA) has been stopped multiple times in a month many times for the same reason. A Fox News reporter took his new bride to Turkey (apparently when it was still somewhat safe to go there to some of the resort areas), and he subsequently had trouble boarding because he’d visited Turkey. An active duty Marine was also not allowed to board an aircraft, all for the same reason.

Those were allegedly due to “wrong/same name” issues, but who’s to say AG Lynch won’t make good on her threat to take action against those who open their mouths (or type on their keyboards) something that she and her minions deem to be anti-Muslim rhetoric? Maybe we’ll end up on the no-fly list and by extension, the no gun list.

Another member of the Forum just didn’t get the concept you raised when I was trying to get it through to his brain – the one gun at a time concept. I have no doubt that’s part of the strategy with mental health and medication issues as well. I recently took advantage of my “free” annual physical as part of my insurance coverage, and a couple of weeks later I received an email from some company I’d never heard of, informing me of the great “service” now available to me. All I had to do was enter a user name and password, and I could forever after just log right in and look at ALL of my records from that physical – not just the lab results (which my doctor gives me a copy of automatically as a courtesy – on paper). Having worked with electronic medical records for many years in a government setting, I’ve shuddered at the entire concept! I called my doctor’s office and learned the following:

1. All health care providers are REQUIRED to provide electronic access to patients’ medical records, thus the new availability on line for the data from my physical.

2. It’s too expensive to set up the servers and employ the personnel to maintain such records in house, so they contract out to companies that aggregate a whole lot of doctors’ and hospitals’ records.

3. Those records are then available “in the cloud” (oh, that sounds so peaceful and safe!!!) – which means it’s just now out on somebody ELSE’s server in a company you’ve never heard of.

4. Oh – but it’s “very secure!” Yeah, like all the data Blue Cross gave up about me and my family with THEIR data theft. Or all the data FedGov gave up on my and my family with THEIR data theft a few months ago, as a former federal employee.

And don’t think for an INSTANT that FedGov doesn’t have complete access to all those electronic medical records. I can’t cite chapter and verse, but I have zero doubt that there’s some provision buried somewhere in some document (HIPAA or Obamacare) that allows FedGov to look at our lists of past diagnoses, medications, etc. That’s all part of what’s available (and has been for many, many years) in the MIB (used to stand for “Medical Information Bureau”), the life/health/long term care version of the credit bureau. You’d be amazed at what’s in there (and anyone can get a free copy of what’s in there, just like an annual free credit report) by contacting MIB through their web site. Every insurance company uses them whenever you apply for any type of insurance. And we think FedGov doesn’t have access to that if insurance companies do?

Yep. There will be administrative reasons to come by and knock on doors due to “individual circumstances” that have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment – so say the courts already (Lautenberg is but one example of the courts kicking the 2nd Amendment to the curb, as well as the ex post facto laws prohibition of Art. 1 Sec. 9.

He’s got a cell phone and a pen…. The 2nd Amendment can stay clearly written in the Constitution, so says the constitutional attorney. We have his word on it. (I DO have a distant relative that’s apparently on the no-fly list, by the same name. Wanna guess how I found that out, but was fortunate enough to barely make my plane WITH my wife anyway? I’m just waitin’ for my door knock.)