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Oh – sorry for the addition after that exceptionally long post, but I have to address two of your other questions (I already addressed the AR-15/AK-47 question above):

Were can you post your opinions against the government like we do here? We are still free to build a business and be 100% owner of that business.

Did you not listen to what (Y)OUR Attorney General just said in the link kindly supplied by L Tecolote? Did you not notice the backdrop on the wall that read “Muslim Advocates?” She said her “greatest fear” as Attorney General, and something the intends to go after, is anti-Muslim rhetoric. So, you get locked up for making a statement here about Muslims, after someone is “offended” and she decides you’re a threat. What happened to your freedom of speech? And did you not understand when your president said you didn’t build your business? All too many business “owners” know all too well about oppressive regulations that have literally pushed them OUT of business.

I’m not trying to be argumentative with you, Freedom – just asking you to open your good eyes a bit further to realize just how much has been yanked and swept away while you were merely blinking.