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China doesn’t invent almost anything

except perhaps for a few rather minor things such as:

the compass
the forerunner of modern day paper
pasta (beat the Arabs and Italians by 2000 years)
the wheelbarrow
the seismograph
alcohol (1000 years prior to the Arabs)
kites (actually had a military use)
hang gliders (an outgrowth of kites – more than 1300 years before the Europeans)
silk (as a fine fabric, not just what silk worms squirted out)
printing (both block and movable – with which they introduced printed money to Europe)
alchemy (chemistry)
exams for civil service (pre-dated Europe by almost 2000 years)

Other than those insignificant things – nah, the Chinese haven’t invented much of anything worth mentioning. ;)

And don’t forget that they’re smart enough to figure out the things they’ve later taken from others, and carried on with them. Somehow, I can’t imagine at least some cultures taking apart aircraft to figure out how they work, then reassembling them, and then starting to create their own. It takes three decent numbers in one’s IQ to pull that off, with the first two digits being higher than at least 10, 11, or 12. And more recently, they very quickly learned how to USE computer programming and math to carry out all that “copying” quite successfully. Copied or not, their rather hardened, fiber optic communication system, is something they figured out how to do relatively undetected for quite a while. No wires to be easily tapped, no radio signals to be intercepted. Ain’t no dummies, them Chinese! I certainly would not be one to brush them off too quickly….