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GS, On your “Don’t sell the Chinese quite so short. Despite their massive shortcomings, the part of them that really counts has managed to produce, for example, a highly secure fiber optic communications network for their government and military operations, nuclear subs, supersonic fighters,”

Were did the Chinese get this technology from? Did they invent it! NO they stole it from us. Were did they make the money to build it? From selling products to us. What happens when there is no new technology from us.We have given them 99% of all the tech.

namelus I am 58 years old and have owned over 20 companies, have traded with Europe and South & Central America. I have purchased over a million dollars in China so I am not sure what you think but have done this for a long time and have deal with people like you that think the U. S. was going down for over 30 years.

They were all wrong just like you!! When Japan was the big player all the world said they were buying America and taking over, WHAT HAPPEN!! Sorry my friend but you have been posting the same old news here for the passed year or longer. You just do not like the U. S.

Have you been to China? It is a polluted country, a dictatorship country with no freedom of speech. No voting there. Remember Russia when it was the big Communist dictators, what happen.

One thing you forget my friend is the power of freedom we have here in the great U. S. of A. We have been down before and we come out even stronger then before. Why FREEDOM!!!! We are free to develop, free to invent, free to think, free to talk our minds. This is why China is always trying to spy on us because they can’t do what we do. China only has Chinese, the U. S. has everyone in the world thinking, inventing and developing. It is a melting pot of all people. You can’t win that.