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Don’t sell the Chinese quite so short. Despite their massive shortcomings, the part of them that really counts has managed to produce, for example, a highly secure fiber optic communications network for their government and military operations, nuclear subs, supersonic fighters, quite adequately potent nuclear weapons, etc. Copied from the west? Provided by Clinton? Who cares – they had the brains to take the plans and create the factories and produce the systems. And they DO have a growing middle class, and have strongly encouraged their population to acquire gold. We only see tiny clues in our own press, but put them together and one gets a picture of a not-so-incompetent country that also has its tentacles into South and Central America, Africa, and oh-so-many-other places around the globe. Oh – and did I mention those Chinese brains?

One story that I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere is the number of Chinese nationals that have come to the United States and enlisted in the US military – some with graduate degrees obtained at US universities. What happens at graduation from Basic Training? A citizenship ceremony. With wives still back home in China. Ever seen that in the “news?” You’d be absolutely stunned at the number of foreign nationals that join our military and are pronounced US citizens upon graduation from initial entry training. At the same time, we’re also enlisting convicted US felons now (and have been for a number of years). Some of them, well trained in both tactics and marksmanship end up back on the streets in such garden spots as Detroit, Chicago, D.C., and elsewhere, to re-join their homeboys. Still feel so confident in the strength of the US? Sorry, my first hand knowledge leads me to a different comfort level. That’s not a personal shot at you, Freedom – just an observation based on personal knowledge and experience.

I repeat: don’t sell the Chinese short. And don’t be so complacent about the ability of the US. There’s more to the Boy Scout motto (“Be Prepared”) than most really think about.