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74 you said, “… you asked what meaning there was in his name and I gave you an answer.”

Fair, as far as that went.

Along with that however, you also stated, “I was not addressing you.”

Gee, my apologies. When I had responded further and then got the following in response from you, I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out what it was that could have possibly suggested to me that you were in fact addressing me…. Obviously I must have read something personal into the following (like “GS” twice in three lines?). My bad.

GS, “We don’t know yet, because THEY aren’t telling us.”

Sorry GS but what ever they decide to tell as fact may or may not be factual. I’m free to discern the nature of the events as I please.

Guess I must just be a One Delta Ten Tango. Out.