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And now, just checking in with the first significant updated news I’ve been able to spend any time with since last night, I agree: “There is 0% chance that this was anything other than Islamic terrorism. Workplace violence always involves an angry wacko. Their spouses do not join them in the action. This was planned ….”

Having just gotten plugged back in to news access, meaning that I now have new information, I have zero problem making a new decision BASED on that new information. Multiple trips to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, including at least one for his haj? Pipe bombs? Plenty of ammunition and magazines and proper clothing for carrying them so they could do quick reloads and discards within the meeting room (now acknowledged by “officials”)? No question in my mind either. But based solely on an “Islamic sounding” name somehow mentioned as a possible suspect and nothing more almost 24 hours ago, I still stand on my original challenged statement – at that time. I’m simply not willing to rush to judgement based solely on a name and no other information. If other people want to make a connection, go ahead – just don’t climb my back simply because I’m willing to wait for more information. Now that I’ve got it, based on new information, I’m easily willing to make a new judgement. Simple. Logical. And I’m amazed (and thankful) that so many Japanese Americans, with the “wrong” names in 1942, were willing to be somewhat understanding and forgiving when their names were used as the sole basis for locking them up.

Now that it’s clear what happened yesterday, based on plenty of newly disclosed supposed facts (enough in my estimation to go “beyond a reasonable doubt”), I want to focus back on the President of the United States primarily, and those surrounding (and assisting) him, such as much of Congress. Question, Mr. President: Just what gun law would you sign that you would consider to be adequate to have stopped yesterday’s attack? Either at least be honest and say you want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and be ready for a REAL fight, or shut up, Mr. President, because this has nothing to do with gun laws, despite your media’s 100% focus on that this morning. When I finally had a chance this morning to briefly look at the TV, hoping for an update, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc., ALL had – simultaneously! – stories about GUN LAWS as a result of this thing. A kindergartner could have deduced the collaboration in that idiocy!

Some previously suggested a possible false flag. Personally, I would not put that past these top-level saboteurs – recruit these folks, train ‘em, teach ‘em how to accomplish what they did without letting anyone (even family – maybe) know, then set them up to take the fall (preferably dead, so they can’t even suggest a plot), investigate it with the same folks that helped set it up, and pull a Rahm Emanuel: don’t let a good crisis go to waste (except in this case, it was always planned as the set up to extract ½ billion legally owned guns from law abiding private citizen’s hands. Don’t have an excuse? Manufacture one, and manipulate public opinion to carry it out, and have the media assist with “polls” and propaganda sold as “news” that support their agenda.

The real terrorists? Based on their power, number, and overall intent, it’s our own leadership. Want to not only intentionally violate your oath of office but also actively work in the opposite direction? I call that treason – for which there is a penalty. Cause innocent people to die in the process? Add the charge of terrorism to treason, and continue to proceed accordingly. Will it ever be called out as it really is, prosecuted, and punished as it should be? Not a chance. My heart aches for my children, grand children, and great grandchildren already born and yet to come. I’m selfishly glad that I don’t have many years left to have to watch the final wrapping up scenes that I expect to come in their lifetimes.