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Fat chance in the US maybe. There is a rumor going around that the Russians have a warrant out for one of the leaders and that all his groups/activities have been banned there as a threat to national security. Now if they would just have spetsnaz go “extract” him.

Frankly, my impossible fantasy (and I’m hangin’ on to it!) is to see the tide shift and make almost all of these point to just one theme too – just not the current one. My ideal theme is Barack Hussein Obama, his handlers, and all his teammates in Congress, because in a sense, it doesn’t matter whether it’s black gang related in Chicago or New Orleans, Islamic terrorism, or even if some right wing stuff starts popping up (I’m actually surprised, but relieved, that it hasn’t) – prosecute those, but focus on a “leader” that is stoking hatred and violence, and undermining what used to be a constitutional republic. Yeah, I know – fat chance. The media would never allow such a focus. And I’ll continue to have my sweet but unrealized dreams none the less, while some here take a shot at me for an out of context statement about somebody’s name. (Yeah, I’m p____d about that!)