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I wonder if this could be the start of what I’ve feared might happen for a while now – hits on smaller targets in smaller cities, all across the country – a little gathering here, a smaller mall there, a fair-sized church in a semi-rural area in the heartland, etc. – all well planned and executed, with a large percentage of the perps getting away, thereby adding to the uncertainty of it all, but eventually with just enough clues that we have a pretty good idea of the general origin of the threat, but no way of stopping it. Perhaps the ONLY nice thing about that would be if they screwed up and attacked areas where carrying wasn’t prohibited, and some potentially major bloodbaths were averted by Joe Mainstream and his Glock (except for the major bloodbath he inflicted on the gunman).

(This was a government building, in California. You can virtually count on it having been a “gun free” zone. As usual. See a pattern there, Mr. President???)

An armed society is a polite society.