No faith in Criminal Justice System
A new report released by Statistics SA shows that South Africans simply do not feel safe in the country – and there is little faith in the SAPS to combat rising crime levels.
Most households who do not report crime, provide the following reasons: ‘police could do nothing’ and ‘police won’t do anything about it’.

Alarmingly, victims of sexual offences cited the crime as being “not serious enough” as reason for not reporting it to the police.

Crime categories that were more likely to be reported to the police were murder (95.7%), car theft (88.9%), car hijacking (85.8%) and sexual offences (63.0%).

In general, property related crimes, such as housebreaking/burglary (51.8%), theft of personal property (34.2%) and theft of livestock (32.3%) were less likely to be reported to the police as compared to contact-related crimes.

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