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So Tolik posts a video in which the unbiased informant is an Iraqi, and the report is coming from a State-sponsored outlet (Russia). We can just discount that video because the Iraqi presumably (or at least quite likely) has his own agenda. And RT (Russia) certainly has a dog in this fight, having just had an airliner bombed out of the sky, and one of their own bombers shot down by Turkey. So let’s just forget all about Tolik’s RT video.

Now let’s look at a map. The entire list of border nations around Syria is as follows: Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. So – just where are all those oil trucks destined that the US and coalition partners are bombing recently? One might suggest either Iraq or Turkey – or perhaps across northern Iraq to Iran. Ooops – that largely takes us back to square one, as a significant possibility: Turkey. And Iran or Iraq certainly aren’t nice options either. Iraq would seem an unlikely destination, with the degradation of their infrastructure and chaos within their own borders, and thus the unlikelihood of major refining and reshipment going on from within Iraq. So that narrows it down to Turkey and Iran, most likely – and the distance across Iraq to Iran would tend to favor putting Turkey back up in the top slot of likely destinations for oil coming from Syria (ISIS).

Oh – but Turkey has just struck a deal with the EU for billions of euros in exchange for decreasing the number of Syrian immigrants to Europe – plus a stronger bid to join the EU. Turkey must be a friend, because any friend of the EU must be a friend of ours. And President Obama has spent considerable time visiting with Erdogan, even more evidence of our friendship with Turkey.

Somehow that pill got stuck in my throat, is wedged there, and I seem to be choking on it. So why is it, as much as I distrust Putin, that I still keep coming to the conclusion that what I see on RT holds more water than anything I see on the US networks? This is almost like the first grade drawings that ask students, “What’s wrong with this picture?”, as they’re taught observational skills and critical thinking.

Otherwise, where IS all that oil going? (The US networks seem to be strangely silent on that question even as they report on the bombing of the ISIS oil tankers.)