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MB, I think the word “old” has multiple applications. Generally, those over about 60 at the youngest, are the last ones to have been taught much of anything about the Constitution, and why it was constructed the way it was. They were also among the last to truly be taught “proper manners” (a term that would be laughed at today in normal conversation in under-50 circles), and they began growing up before drugs were widely even discussed, let alone used in most of society. Marijuana was beginning to make its way into more mainstream society, but the combination of the Vietnam “war” + drugs + the “sexual revolution” was a massive turning point for the country. Anyone much younger than about 65 has no recollection of the Cuban missile crisis, fallout shelters, routine drills in school where we got under our desks and covered our heads as we also learned about “snow” that would be falling from the sky (radioactive fallout). They either don’t even recall, or were too young to be significantly impacted by the assassination of the President of the United States. Words like atlas, minuteman, and megaton weren’t regularly used, or were only used in other contexts by those much under 65. Even most over 65 don’t know how US senators were originally selected, let alone the much more important answer to the question, “why?” Few know that the concept of the income tax actually violates other constitutional principles. The Fed? Well, that’s a US government agency — isn’t it?

In short, with the exception of the children of the over-65 crowd, almost no one knows what the concept of “liberty” really means, as hammered out into the best political document ever created by mankind. Even Jefferson was lamenting the degradation of the Constitution as early as 1820. The idea of having a large turnout to welcome back our returning military is the stuff of old black and white newsreel footage that has no real meaning today. Those that even know what “honor flights” are, generally don’t “get it,” simply because they don’t have the background to be able to “get it.” So inside of 30 years, there will effectively be no one left that “gets” what “America” was supposed to be all about (and at least largely still was, despite its flaws). Changes to the Constitution won’t be all that necessary because the document itself will have been effectively replaced by whatever unconstitutional law Congress passes and the President signs, or an executive order signed by the President that extends far beyond the Executive Branch of the government – but who will even bother to call those out, based on the Constitution, when the Constitution holds no singular importance any longer?

Thus, the few areas such as the one in which you fortunately live, MB, are symbolic of the aging of America. It’s all but dead. Lincoln freed all the slaves (it must be true – that’s what everyone believes). Poverty breeds violence (no one remembers poor, but very neatly kept all-black neighborhoods of the ’50s where everyone dressed up in their very best clothes to go to church on Sunday, and no one rioted despite oppression). And the myths of ignorance and lack of education continue, and will continue from this time onward. I’d say, “America, RIP,” but it will be anything except peaceful.

Wildartist (and Bushrat), I suppose your post explains why I’ve seen little from you since joining the Forum earlier this year – sounds like you’ve had your hands full. But it also sounds like those here that are more familiar with you know your character – which comes through in your understanding evident in your post above. Thank you for standing for what you stand for, and my most sincere wishes for a good recovery and many more years on this earth to continue influencing others for good.