I am not keeping up with all the news*, and probably would have a stroke if I did. Whenever I do look at all the chaos, and seemingly insane actions and decisions, either the govts are stupid (which they are not) or acting with evil agendas, our own included. Events are unfolding in a surreal panorama…something I never thought I would live to see. America no longer exists as I knew it, except perhaps in areas such as yours, Mountain Biker. A dark cloudbank is on the horizon and people on the whole are oblivious. I have often likened it to the opening scenes in John Wayne’s “Big Jake”…everyone sees the riders approaching but no one deems them a threat until it is way too late. “Couldn’t happen…”

I hold very little hope for the next election since the current ruler got in twice, perhaps with dead people voting multiple times in multiple precincts. Even if someone with good intent and the testosterone to DO something, got into office, it may be entirely too late to reverse the damages. Like trying to treat Stage 4 cancer. The information you are posting about the $US and world currencies shows how artificial the global house of cards really is. Sorry if I sound cynical but I see no one doing anything real on a large meaningful scale. Except perhaps the manipulators behind the scenes whom we know little about. All of us on the forums are prepping for ourselves and our families, possibly our small communities. Can we truly withstand what is coming? It may be worldwide in scale.

*Bushrat has been recovering from emergency heart bypass surgery, and I am occupied with his care at home. We do not have the financial resources to do much else than prep food and ammo, pray to God and vow we will not go down easily. No white flags or burkas in our future…