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Well this could just as easily go under the “Turkey shoots down Russian jet” thread. But it goes deeper, I suspect (as in further provocation and splitting). Turkey wants money and entry into the EU, the EU wants – hmmmm – more chaos? In a move certain {choke!} to quell tensions on all sides:

Turkey will help stem the flow of migrants to Europe in return for cash, visas and renewed talks on joining the EU in a deal struck on Sunday that the Turkish prime minister called a “new beginning” for the uneasy neighbors.

Leaders of the 28 European Union states met Turkish premier Ahmet Davutoglu in Brussels on Sunday evening to give their collective political blessing to an agreement hammered out by diplomats over the past few weeks.

So, the talks have been going on “over the past few weeks.” Just at the very end, Turkey shoots down a Russian jet (to show good faith???), and – voila! Turkey gets more money (3 billion Euros [$3,175,800,855 US]) and moves closer to EU membership.

And in related news, see attached photo with caption. (symbolic of course, but maybe not so….)

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