If you go paruse the stopping power.net forum, you can see what Marshall and others have come up with in the 11 years since this.

Like it or not, his and Sanows data were some of the best looks at handgun effectiveness. And the data was corroborated by Ayoob and Fairburn in other studies.

And what it basically boils down to is carrying an effective gun with a decent jhp.
Hit em until they stop.
Don’t cheap out on quality of gun or ammo.
What’s your families lives worth?

Then it comes to your effectiveness, are you up to the challenge?

The times and players are changing.
They’re working out and ready, are you?

Ever fight a meth head?
I have, it wasn’t pretty, for either of us.

So many talk about specialty gear such as plate carriers and masks when they don’t even have their daily fighting gear down or the ability to use that gear.

And the chances of you wearing that plate carrier into the 7-11 where you’re most likely to need it???

Time to look at realistic carry choices, guns and ammo, and personal skills.
If you’re not in shape to fight for your life, you likely may end up in one.