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All these years later we are still discussing what the Founding Fathers debated, and man has probably debated since the beginning of human existence. The delicate balance of individual freedom versus government control. It seems to me that the human spirit cries out for freedom, but demands that the government do something about “it”. Whatever “it” is going on at the present time.

In the view of our fellow citizens in the US those of us here would be described as Libertarians. While we view many of those crying for the government to step in and take care of everyone as Socialists. With I suspect a large population in the middle saying, “What the Hell are they talking about?”

Is this whole debate just theater to keep the masses amused, because real control is centered in a small group of people in the shadows? They are oblivious to monetary wealth because their wealth is in absolute power to manipulate events to meet their will.

I suspect none of us will ever know the answer and I am not even sure I could ask the right question.