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Just a few years back there was supposed to be a major increase in personnel at a nearby military installation, and housing was thrown up (that term fits either way – it was mostly garbage housing that looked good on the outside but won’t last 25 years). They screamed and yelled about tax increases to build more schools. Not only didn’t the numbers show up as claimed by those wanting more tax money and real estate development, but now of course the big draw down is siphoning off even more people. Existing homes are being sold at losses or foreclosed, cheaply “renovated” homes are being rented to low income folks in previously nice, nearly crime free neighborhoods, businesses are closing leaving large numbers of unoccupied shopping strips, etc. A huge mall just south of Atlanta not only sat virtually empty for years, it’s now been closed and bulldozed entirely. New spec buildings are going up all over, while others sit empty or are even demolished. The logic of it all escapes me entirely, other than somebody’s either delusional, or has figured out a way to make money off of somebody else.

The short of it is, at both a macro and micro level, nothing makes sense in any way that’s sane. Yet to watch the “news” is to get the idea that a few bad things are happening, but the economy is robust, recovering, able to handle the coming interest rate hike by the Fed, etc. The DOW is back up almost to 18,000 again, the Nikkei is soaring (again), the NASDAQ is over 5100, gold is down (“meaning” of course that there’s no risk of anything bad happening), the $US is THE strong currency of the world (so they tell us), so what’s to worry? As we recently traveled down through middle and south Georgia, it was just gut wrenching how many fields had obviously never even been plowed this year, how many houses were just abandoned, businesses closed, and even whole towns effectively gone (just the shells of the buildings). Only corporate America (or world) is flourishing. And little towns like yours, previously what America was all about, are literally dying away. If find it very, very sad. (not to mention unsustainable).