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GS, the chart attachment didn’t come through. Just going on what you said, that everyone else is worse off isn’t exactly a reassuring feeling.

You are talking at the macro level but here are a few observations at the micro level. Last week I asked the Town Treasurer how the current level of people in arrears on their property taxes is versus prior years. She said it is about the same which I took as a good sign that locally things aren’t getting worse. I see all property transactions in my role at Town Hall and while most property is selling for less than assessed value, prices are holding relatively steady. That’s a good thing given the population is slowly declining at the same time that it is aging. The biggest economic debate across the State are school costs. Ongoing enrollment declines in combination with ever increasing mandates have pushed per student costs to astronomical levels, about $16,000 per student, due mostly to so many small schools with 5 to 10 kids per grade. Locally we have 1/3 fewer kids per grade in the elementary school than we do at the middle/high school, so it is going to get a lot worse going forward. The local Boy Scout troop disbanded this year for lack of boys. The local baseball league is struggling to field teams and may not be able to keep going either. Rural areas slowly depopulating and aging is a nationwide phenomena.