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Tolik, I’m not quite the Putin fanboi you seem to be, though I consider him a cut above the founders of the Soviet Empire. So far as I know, he hasn’t tried to starve millions to death, nor to operate an Archipelago of Gulags. Still, he’s the head of a powerful State, and as such, must be carefully watched, lest he attempt to expand his empire, or enslave and imprison his citizens, in the same way, and for the same tendencies, as we study the moves of our own Glorious Leader.

As near as I can tell from my reading, Putin’s the fair-haired successor to Yeltsin, successor to Gorbachev, successor to Andropov, successor to Brezhnev … all the way back to Lenin. Somewhere long the line, agents of western banksters got to someone in that line, and with a mixture of luck, skill, and collapse of the old order, got a “different kind of communist” in the seat of power, one who would play the central bank game, and hitch Russia to the same dull plow as the rest of the “Free World.” Only the “Axis of Evil” nations, Iran, North Korea, and now, Zero’s IS, are out of that loop, and with the new “agreement” with Iran, I’m no longer sure of the Ayatollas. Still, if there’s nobody on “the other side,” there’s no contest. Gotta have a villain, even if ya hafta prop ‘im up.

Is Putin pro-Russian? Yes, in a way Zero could never pass for pro-American, not even to the French. Is he a doctrinaire communist? Not if the current Russian economy is part of the answer, though he’s hardly a laissez faire capitalist, either. But his operating style says he’s politico-economically to the right of Zero. Is he doing things to the IS that Zero would never do? Yeah … he has to, in order to (try to) hang on to his naval base in Syria. Will he be able to pull it off? ¿Quién sabe? Given Mr. Limpwrist and his military theatre, it’s probably up to the banksters.

Cry, "Treason!"