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Something very odd has been going on with my SHTF account today. I tried to post something in the “Turkey shoots down Russian jet” thread, noticed a typo and wanted to clarify a sentence, tried to edit it, and it entirely disappeared into deep cyberspace, never to be seen again (even though I could sign in). Subsequent attempts to re-post were entirely unsuccessful. So, I came here just to try a minor edit of my post to which you replied, just to see what would happen in a different thread, and it also simply disappeared altogether. Hours later, I’ve been able to finally post what I intended to the the “Turkey shoots down…” thread, so I at least wanted to explain your response to my now non-existent post that used to be above. Dunno what happened.

I’ll end by reposting what I basically remember saying originally. It was surprising just how much the odds go up of REAL stopping power from .32s, .38s, and .380s, vs. the 9mm. Even range rounds (115 gr FMJ) in 9mm do better than virtually all of those other three rounds (only barely equaled by the two best of the .380 rounds). It significantly narrowed down my wife’s search for her “perfect” personal choice. She has the luxury of being able to put ‘em where she wants ‘em with just about anything, but has never yet found what she actually LIKES. (She’s been shooting since she was 7 years old, taught by her father who could knock match heads off at 50 feet, himself being taught by his father, who could strike those matches at 50 feet – quite literally. Anyone would severely underestimate my wife just by visual impression, hah hah! – Probably a major advantage for her.)

Again though, thanks for the original post. VERY helpful to this family.