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“It is impossible to see through the layers within layers and to know what their true goals are. Publicly enemies or at a minimum not aligned with each other but behind the scenes aiding each other. Or allies in public and undermining each other in the background. Oil is just a means to fund whatever their true goals are and for some perhaps the goal is simply money or the political power it buys.

That after 7 years in the White House the public still knows virtually nothing about the President’s past is beyond odd. At almost lightening speed he goes from a community organizer (whatever that is) to Senator to President, and in a way that seems like he was handpicked and groomed. How was the documentation of his past all but erased before he arrived on the political scene? Doing so was surely no small task and would have required very powerful people in the background to make that happen while orchestrating his rapid rise. Again layers within layers and much that doesn’t make any sense. My gut says there is a connection but maybe I’ve just got my tinfoil hat on too tight this morning.”
— MountainBiker

“It becomes more strange when you consider Chicago politics. Nobody moves up that fast, stepping over a long list of people who have “seniority” unless the word comes from on high.

The next question then has to be who is pulling the strings. The real king makers are generally lurking in the shadows. I often thought it was the banksters, but now I am not so sure.” — Roadracer

“Don’t bother to examine a folly – ask yourselves only what it accomplishes.” — Ayn Rand

Are various snaky moves going on under the radar, and behind the curtains? Y’ bet yer sweet attitude, they are! What for? To enable somebody(ies) to do rotten things to others, without penalty, that they currently can’t get away with. Exactly what? Does that matter?

“When the rights of even one human being are held in contempt, the rights of all are in danger.” — Robert G. Ingersoll

Exactly who is behind it all? Theories abound. Banksters? Communists? Muslims? All of the above? Probably, but even if you can identify them, you probably can’t do much to them, directly. The precious Liberty we discuss — that which makes a truly human style of life possible — exists, if at all, in the minds of living human beings. Yes, it has been written about, and eloquently so, by thinkers now gone to their rewards. But that’s just to teach and remind living people of what they have yet to gain, what they have inherited, and what they can all too easily lose.

People whose native culture, no matter where experienced and adopted, is one that accepts the idea that Plunder is the proper way for life to operate, that the strong, or more cunning, ought to be allowed to prey on the weaker, or less cunning, will view Liberty with distaste. Protection for the rights of the prey interferes with the desires of the predator. People whose native culture is Production, and the unfettered exchange of value for value, ought to understand the value of their rights. Those two cultural models stand in constant opposition to each other, and often in physical conflict.

What has muddied the intellectual waters in a nation founded on The Rights of Man, is foremost, the acculturation the great majority of them acquire (by design) in government-run schools, wherein they are subjected to the daily object lessons that, (1) defending oneself against attack is a crime, but initiating the attack is not, (2) hard work — studying — often pays off no better than slacking — that cheaters really do prosper. So we are dealing (if at all) with a deliberately dispirited, confused, and often marginally literate, populace, who have been trained to resent the suggestion that there are forces at work in their lives that they haven’t even contemplated.

While I lack the scholarship to evaluate every point he makes, I have found that The Secret Empire, Part I and Part II, by Cushman Cunningham, seems to tie some of the loose ends together. He concludes that there is a grand plan to completely conquer all parts of the planet at once. At least, he has a coherent design for a tinfoil hat.

My tinfoil hat says that those we call banksters, especially the names we have heard, are usually just the agents for more powerful people, most of whose names we may never know, who own the banks, and through them, control international corporations, which often wield more power and central-bank-synthesized $$, than many nation states. Through their agents, they select the candidates from whom we “elect” our heads of state, and legislators. Such people are displeased that the vast social gulf which they once enjoyed, has been all too nearly bridged by technology. There’s not enough distinction between how well they live, and how well we (also) live. After all, though they could easily afford the cost to consume more than we can, they can’t do it without injuring their health. Getting a servant dictator to put us commoners “back on all fours where we belong,” would scratch their itches.

When the enemy is lobbing deadly missiles into your camp, stopping him is more important than identifying him.

Cry, "Treason!"

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