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It is impossible to see through the layers within layers and to know what their true goals are. Publicly enemies or at a minimum not aligned with each other but behind the scenes aiding each other. Or allies in public and undermining each other in the background. Oil is just a means to fund whatever their true goals are and for some perhaps the goal is simply money or the political power it buys. If anything is different now it is that Islam is on the march for conquest. Oil and money is simply a means to fund it. They believe their time has come to establish the caliphate, no different than the Chinese think their time has come to be the top dog on the world stage. My guess concerning ‘Bams is that the slights he may have suffered as a black Muslim kid when he moved back to the US from Indonesia or perhaps insecurities in that regard is what has driven him to increase Islamic influence and numbers in the US and to increase the number of non-whites in general, while diminishing the influence of Christianity.

The one thing that I have long muddled over without finding an answer is why the US has not suffered terrorist attacks in the 14 years since 9/11, other than the handful of lone wolf attacks such as at Fort Hood. There is no way our intelligence can be that good to have thwarted them all. Similarly there is no way that the jihadis haven’t had the desire or ability to pull off major attacks. Why then haven’t we been attacked in a big way when we endlessly wage war against them, even if only for show such as in Syria? All I can do is come back to the layers within layers and wonder what is really happening in the background. That after 7 years in the White House the public still knows virtually nothing about the President’s past is beyond odd. At almost lightening speed he goes from a community organizer (whatever that is) to Senator to President, and in a way that seems like he was handpicked and groomed. How was the documentation of his past all but erased before he arrived on the political scene? Doing so was surely no small task and would have required very powerful people in the background to make that happen while orchestrating his rapid rise. Again layers within layers and much that doesn’t make any sense. My gut says there is a connection but maybe I’ve just got my tinfoil hat on too tight this morning.,