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Hi Leopard

I just don’t know how people do it over there. Familiarity I guess as you mentioned. It sucks…take away the citizens weaponry (registered, above board guns), the crims still have them (unregistered, illegal guns). Very tough situation. Same in USA.

My brothers girlfriends family, the Kellermans (as in Wouter Kellerman musician…not sure if you heard of him) had the grandparents experience a home invasion. As I understand her grandfather was beaten about the head and died a week later. Her mother was broken into shortly after and ended up defending herself with a kitchen knife. Not sure if coincidental but the situations happened so close together it was very sad but also a bit weird.

I have no idea what their preps were like but they were peaceful people from what I gather. Such a rough place to live and a lot of ‘Us and Them’ going on. It’s not for me but I didn’t grow up there and I have to respect your decision to dig your heels in especially when your govt is making thing harder prep wise! Safe travels Leopard. Antlion