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Here’s another prep to consider. Cast iron cookware. I have a lot of Lodge brand cast iron made right here in the US so no worries about what contaminated junk might be in it such as might be the case with cast iron made in China. What prompts this thought on cast iron is yesterday I stopped by the farm that had the fire on Tuesday. Literally the only thing salvaged from the old woman’s home was her cast iron cookware. I had been thinking I might buy her a new cast iron pan on account I know that’s all she’ll use and then I saw her cast iron cookware pulled from the rubble. Her son told me they were also amongst the very few things salvaged from her previous home that burned 15 years ago after lightening hit it. The nice thing about cast iron is cooking on an open fire post-SHTF isn’t going to harm it like a lot of more modern/stylish cookware would be. Your basic stainless steel stuff isn’t going to hold up long if used that way.

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