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Good preps MB!
Years ago I had fairly nice two man saws and sold them as antiques, now I’m wishing I never sold them. Reminds me a bit of what happens when you sell a gun you bought because you liked it so much. Auugh.

I was out to cut firewood with my 30 year old chain saw. Wouldn’t yaknow the chain broke after about a minute of sawing. None of the local outlet’s carry the chain that fits my saw. I had to order the chain on line, and I’m waiting for it to show up.

You can buy a very servicable used saw. Inspect the handles and fastenings making sure they are in good condition and tight to the blade. The blade should be straight and free of bends and twists. The teeth should be full size with good consistaint shapes and same for the gullets between the teeth. The tops of the teeth and rakers should be straight with no teeth sticking up or lower then the rest. Here’s a link to sharpening crosscut saws: http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/crosscut-saw-sharpening-zmaz79ndzraw.aspx