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Yesterday I heard a radio news report that said Turks can expect NO more heating oil from Russia after the shoot down and deaths of pilots —

I’m not sure about heating oil since Turkey actually supplies oil to others (including Europe). However, the situation is far worse with gas. Turkey has reportedly been getting the majority of their gas from Russia because they can get it much cheaper from Russia than they can from Iran. Ooops! Iran? What another great opportunity for Iran to swoop in if Russia cuts off Turkey’s gas supply – they could become Turkey’s savior as winter sets in, further solidifying their position in the region (wouldn’t Iran’s friend, Barack, be pleased!).

This is a terribly intriguing massive chess game in the entire region. WWIII is already being fought – the two (three? including China) first-string players just haven’t come in to replace the JV teams – yet. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Stand by for NEWS!” And as Alan Stang used to sign off from his radio programs, “Think about it!”

[Roadracer and Selco, thank you. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one seeing things as they are.]