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Share this much: ROTATE canned goods, repaired nylon carrying bags with small to medium -sized rips with high quality black duct tape, saved due to good zippers and Velcro that still work after five years and took what might have been at least 25 dollar bag put to buying brass pellets for air pistol practice for friends who have a nice private back yard in an urban setting, discussed with a long time co-worker known for eight years why he should use his big basement for sealed water storage, and canned and bottled food, because he respects Ted Koppel’s research and opinion on a local or national grid down situation, first time in working together for eight years I ever brought up the idea he could stock up and he was all ears and appears he’s headed to self-reliance 101. I’ll check in with him in a month, if 2016 he’s NOT done anything, I’ll “leave him alone” and talk music and sports.