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As simple as it may seem, a lot of people don’t realize that many doors are terribly unsecure against a very thin plastic card (thinner than most credit cards – more like the info cards people sometimes give out with calendars or business info to fit in your wallet). They flex nicely, and depending on the configuration of a door, can often pop open the door by fitting it on the other side of the curved portion of the lock mechanism, gradually working it further and further out of the hole until the door just pulls or pushes open. Better doors and locks have ways around that, but it’s surprising how many still can be entered using thin (and therefore flexible) plastic cards. I helped several former co-workers get back in their offices when they forgot their keys were inside, and the NCOIC wasn’t around to get in the key box. More true of interior doors than exterior ones, but some of those can even still be opened. (No, I am NOT advocating burglary, of course, nor do I suspect anyone else here is doing the same. Just sayin’.)