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So it goes without saying that SEVERAL decent-sized fire extinguishers (monitored for proper pressure) are an essential part of preparations. And unfortunately, many people simply don’t know all the various ways spontaneous combustion can occur – even a pile of old newspapers, old photographic film, etc.

Plus, what is stored near what? We keep our 1 pound bottles of propane, as well as the larger ones, in a shed quite a distance from the house, for example. But spray cans are bad news. Ever tried a Bic lighter with Right Guard deodorant to fry insects when you were a kid? Those are mini-flame throwers! They do “wonders” when they blow up. Do an inventory and look what’s flammable, where it’s stored (particularly if it’s in the house), and re-arrange if appropriate. Plus, if you have a gas water heater in a utility closet, what’s also in there slowly building up fumes that could be ignited by the pilot light, or the sudden burner ignition when the heater comes on?

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