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I would tend to agree, but I still suspect that if literally hundreds “magically” disappeared in a very short period of time, from the line “soldier” to the commanders, a level of paranoia may well set in despite their martyr-inspired beliefs, which in too many of their cases I don’t really believe is the motivation – just blood thirsty, fundamentally evil people – otherwise we’d be seeing far more volunteers to don suicide vests and take out many more of “us.” I suspect that the sheer numbers of losses would cause even those unreasonable people to re-evaluate their thinking and decide the odds aren’t so good after all because Allah ain’t as willing as they expected. But hey – I could be wrong. If nothing else, it feeds my fantasy of deleting as many of them, while deleting as few (if any) of our side, as quickly and extensively as possible.

And right now I don’t think we can afford to shut off Saudi Arabia. They may be an obvious, known enemy disguised as an ally (and we pretend they really are), but if we lose them, they’re one of the bigger kids on the block in that neighborhood, and we don’t need them turning on us obviously as well as the semi-hidden manner in which they’ve been operating all along. They’d bring too many more with them. We’ve provided western educations for many of those that will eventually be in power, and as much as they detest at least part of our philosophies and structure, they also learned that it works. They’re not as inclined toward following their true religion as most think. They don’t follow the moral codes, for example (drinking, smoking, sexual immorality, etc.) when they have the opportunity. In other words, they’re just fundamentally power-hungry selfish people, and they’ll go with whatever works best for them as long as they can keep the illusion of being a “strictly” Islamic country. It is, after all, all about money and power. It always is, every since about day-3 of human existence. Once mankind figured out that he could get something more than someone else by killing them off, it all began. Alliances formed between fundamentally evil groups in order to overpower more vulnerable groups, each still seeking to figure a way to overthrow the other “ally.” Money and power. ISIS is truly no different – that’s why we call it “Islamic extremism,” because it’s only a front for the real agenda. They’re just more overtly brutal about it. Money and power….

(And my secret fantasy of turning the whole region into a sea of glass – if somehow Israel could be spared – only really appeals to the base fantasies that such craziness of circumstances creates. Reality based in personal experience tells me there are still too many basically decent people living there to obliterate the entire region with the big portabella – as Dennis Miller calls it. But it sure feels good though!) ;)