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The Constitution and Bill of Rights might eventually be formally replaced with other laws, but in the hands of an imperial Pretendsident willing to issue counter-constitutional orders, a purchased CONgress, and a complicit Extreme Court, and a distracted sheepizenry, the socialist ideal could be implemented long before the formal acknowledgement thereof. We’re almost there.

Exactly. As I think I mentioned somewhere on the Forum before, I had a chance to hear an interview with Dr. Thomas Sowell just days before the 2012 election. Anyone that has listened much to Dr. Sowell knows how deliberately he speaks. In the 2012 radio interview he was asked if he thought the United States could survive as a constitutional republic if Obama gained a 2nd term. He paused a moment, then answered with one word: “No.” He didn’t back off from that, use it as an attention-getting lead in, or anything of the sort. He merely explained why that was the case. I sat there stunned at the finality of his answer – still clinging to the hope that this nation could be salvaged. I began at that point, for the first time, to consciously consider pushing aside (and it was hard) the cognitive dissonance that had kept me from entertaining the idea that we had lost the game. As the past 3+ years has progressed, I am only amazed at how fast the downfall has progressed. I have long since become convinced that Sowell was correct. As sad as that was, it was – seemingly oddly – a bit freeing. Why fight something I don’t believe is winnable any longer?

Two years earlier, Sowell published a new book in which he argued that the Obama administration “is the embodiment, the personification, and the culmination of dangerous trends that began decades ago.” His book was titled, Dismantling America.” He saw that in terms of the dismantling of marriage, culture, and self-government. Following is a great interview which speaks to exactly what we’re discussing here, and indeed in other threads as well. It’s a bit long (36 minutes), but well worth the watch, particularly if one isn’t particularly familiar with Dr. Sowell (who is a former Marxist back in his 20s – he’s now 85).

By going to the Supreme Court, we will see just how far along in the final destructive phase we really are. If they even accept the case, they’ll have made a statement. And if they rule against the 5th Circuit, it will be a massive signal just how far along we are in the destruction phase. But few people will even notice it – they’ll go on with their jobs, their weekend golf, their vacations, whatever. And we’ll have yet another presidential election shortly after the decision, in which case the court of final appeal will have already effectively changed the law, yet again, to fulfill an predetermined objective, just as they did when the left divorce law in the hands of states, but imposed a blanket marriage law on all 50 (or 57) states, effectively obliterating the 10th Amendment. Oh what a complicated web we weave….