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The 5th Circuit’s decision “will force millions of people — who are not removal priorities under criteria the court conceded are valid, and who are parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents — to continue to work off the books, without the option of lawful employment to provide for their families,” Verrilli said.

Ah, how I love the emotional “logic” applied by the “bring ‘em ALL in” crowd. “Force?!?” Uh, no, they can simply leave and go back where they came from. “But that’s so inhumane!” No, life is tough. Some places are better than others, and some people are willing to stay and fight and make their own places better. Some choose to go and let others take care of them (yes, there are always some decent exceptions, I know).

And “the option of lawful employment to provide for their families?” Uh, again, they’re here illegally. There was no path to “lawful employment” via that route, until Obama invented it out of thin air. The only “lawful” option was to either leave voluntarily, or be locked up and then deported lawfully.

The socialists don’t want to deal with the longer term question of what will happen to the better areas once they’re overwhelmed with invaders willing to drain the resources until the cash cow is bankrupt? The overriding principle is that socialism only works until the haves are depleted by the have-nots. Then what?