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I’m glad you and the others are here as well. I’m gaining a perspective on the world that I never had before – simply because the information was not available. Our “news” media are certainly not providing it. I think you point out a very important preparedness item that few people can easily do without – some kind of social interaction both pre- and post-SHTF. As things are now (pretty deep into the pre-SHTF phase in many if not most developed places in the world), it’s good to have a perspective on things, bounce ideas off others, gain from others’ knowledge and experience, etc. And just knowing that somebody knows who we are and cares, can mean a lot to most people. While there are exceptions (we even have a handful here in the Forum), I think in one way or another the ability to communicate with others is more important than mere physical support. From my perspective, I consider myself better off for having learned from you, Leopard, Dutch_Viking, Proteus55, and others outside the US (just off the top of my head – not intending to leave anyone off the list), about what it’s like elsewhere, the various histories, etc.

And having the rather varied input from the US-based people is also a great uplift because of the challenges at times which force “out-ot-the-box” thought, and also the varied regional circumstances and viewpoints. People in the far northeast US (New England states) generally have a different mindset in some ways than those in the south, midwest, desert southwest, northwest mountain states, etc. There are distinct cultural differences even within the nation, despite a sense of being “American” at the same time. All those varied perspectives along with the collective experience and knowledge from everyone is invaluable – you can’t get it in a classroom or from a canned TV program. I appreciate the “community.” Thanks to all.