Wanting it to happen?

Eh… no.

But wanting it to happen and realizing the need for it are two entirely different things.

Is a reset needed? Yes. Desperately, I think.

Do I want it to happen? No. I know the Law of Unintended Consequences will make the rounds…

But the way I look at it is the trajectory we are on is unsustainable. Too many stressors, too many evil people with too many machinations… once the lid is off Pandora’s Box, it will play out exactly like it did in Selco’s neck of the woods: One group of people will claim Aggrieved Status – and will go looking to dish out some payback to the Other Side for whatever hurt they think they have suffered – real or imagined. Once word gets out about fill-in-the-blank atrocity, the Other Side will go looking to dish out some payback for the payback. Lather, rinse, repeat…

Everyone wants validation for their views, and I suppose I’m no different. Given the “out of control” feeling most folks have, having the opportunity to wrest a measure of control back into their lives using SHTF as a vehicle to enable that is pretty attractive. I mean, come on. How many of us – when we heard about that guy who got high on bath salts and chewed off that other guy’s face – secretly hoped it was ON? Be honest.

That, or the “Well, I ain’t gettin’ any younger/taking out the trash” mindset. Fatalistic, yes. But understandable. And I’ve fallen into this mindset as well. Even recently – you hear about some new and egregious atrocity some scumbag, or group of scumbags, commits and the urge to just go “clean house” is pretty strong. The authorities are corrupt, inept, incompetent or hobbled. They only get their sh*t together when they seem to be picking on some unsuspecting Citizen minding their own business – a “teaching moment” for the rest of us poor proles. Keeps us docile and compliant when we see one of our own targeted and destroyed by the authorities – yet swarms of scumbags seem to have free reign, our borders are wide open to anyone from anywhere, disgusting behavior is not only tolerated, but lionized, and being a normal Citizen – married, Christian, kids, pay taxes, ‘bitter clinger’ – seems to be the only demographic it’s safe to openly discriminate against and excoriate…

Wanting S to HTF is seductive. If I cannot create, then let me un-create. It’s also about power – who has it, who has more, and who is willing to use it freely and fearlessly.

The way I look at being prepped is:

– One way, I get dead.
– The other way, I still get dead – but at least I get a say in the matter before I get closed out.

And I’d rather have a say in the matter than not.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1