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I probably posted this stuff (or something like it) before, but can’t remember for sure. Rocket Mass Heaters can heat rooms (or entire houses, depending on size & placement) on considerably less fuel than conventional wood stoves, with much less (or no) telltale smoke.


  1. Most are not available as complete off-shelf products, therefore require understanding of principles, and construction techniques;
  2. Not UL approved, or allowed in building codes;
  3. You’re on your own.

  1. Much less fuel needed
  2. Much less smoke produced
  3. OPSEC?

I haven’t built one, but would do my first attempt in a shop building, and delay house heating until I had some experience using it.

The insulating value of putting bags of dry leaves around the foundation needs to be balanced against the character of the neighborhood.

Cry, "Treason!"

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