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Living in cold weather can be stressful and being cold heightens the stress. Being ready for the cold and having properly prepared is the only way to keep everyone warm. When I lived in Maine one of the preps many people did was to bank the bottom of the outside walls with haybales or lots of greens from spruce trees. The insulation would help keep the ground adjacent to the foundation from freezing and prevent the snow from melting due to heat loss from the house. The snow acts as extra insulation.

Window blankets were popular. Any insulation covering the windows is helpful. At one point every night I used blue Styrofoam board cut to fit on large leaky windows. We also stapled old blankets and quilts over windows.

If you can create an airlock at the exterior door it will keep the heated air inside. Opening the door and allowing -35*F air into your structure cools it off really fast.

If you’re without a main source of heat, compartmentalize your structure and heat one small room or area. I read on someone’s blog about putting up a tent in the house to create a small space to heat.

Caution must be taken not to trap carbon monoxide while burning any combustibles no matter what form it comes in.

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