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That’s great Mountain biker that you were cooking with your solar oven– yes we love our oven and have inspired others to look into getting one. I am out of the loop regarding how long the fuel would be available for the nuke plants can at least stay cool and safe– or would there just be a totally hard shut down and locations near such operations will be in fall out in a week> Fun? That’s why we use to migrate south with the animals that did that instead of hibernate. But, with deep concern for saving lives and calories I would really only get out and attempt an exit away from the home if one or a combination of factors were present: First, fires going on and on with no teams to put them out, as you know more die from smoke than flames. Secondly, I might just wish I had a bunker BUT I might as well as wish for wings. If it is dark for over a few days EVERYWHERE then I suspect the powerplants will melt down, then we will start popping the iodine tabs as we try to head the other way. Pray our bodies can move if this ever happens. ( On an other note, having a NON-cooperative relative (son,etc.) must be the bane of one’s prepper mind) I suspect the FEAR factor is what is keeping the relative/friend non-cooperative, too bad but S*** will happen.)