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From what I understand , the assassination group of Spetsnaz is in Syria , taking out cells . Not a lot of them , similar to the missions our SFs have , then again , you dont need very many .

As I said in another thread, I wish we’d also put our spec ops folks in to take out an individual or two here or there from distances of ½ mile or more, then move on quickly. If we could somehow coordinate with the Russians on that type of mission, it would be great. The whole idea of taking out folks without having known troops even in the area, whether through snipers or drones, would start turning the tables – inducing terror in the terrorists. Another layer of the mission could be to take out engines on any and every military vehicle they come across – again, at ½ mile or more (easy task for a decent sniper). The mission should not be limited to their leadership, since virtually all of them have been desensitized to brutal, up-close-and-personal murder, and will kill again, and again, and again if left alive.