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My family’s approach to making a go at survival in the zone 5 growing area during the winter IF THE Lights go.. is to plastic sheeting seal off most of the house, wear our wool and thermals, plus sleep in our sub-zero sleeping bags, we would warm the sealed in areas with clay pots and extensive supply of tea light candles and we can make more from supplies. We have lighters, matches, fire-starters, and many ways even bow drill to make a fire to do the candles. The home is over one-hundred years old so there’s always some air getting in, we have plastic sheeting and yes that modern see through put up with type stuff, we have a solar oven, a large working one and we have small rocket heater stoves, and saws, axes, hatchets, that will make small bits of wood go a LONG way. With a wooded area near by, we will make fallen wood collecting our new sport. We need to get a few more clay flower pots with the drainage hole in the bottom for the candle room warmers.
Most people I see have poor quality winter wear/gear, I expect frost-bite will be a super *****, so look for used down jackets in case you have someone without one in your travels. I have an small in-door trampoline that with grid down dynamics would at least allow for some controlled in-door exercise while “jogging/running” out doors might make you someone’s next meal or victim. If you can have a simple speed bag martial arts small punching bag the frustrations of grid down shft living can go into punching this and not your friends and family. As long as we can heat a pan with hot water we’ll be fine food wise. We will still be cold until SPRING.