Dorette, your daughter is beautiful. Hope all the unrest at Tuks will end soon.


Some people fighting back – its gives me hope to read about it. The robberies this time of year is very bad. I do hope it is going to calm down in the new year…With economy going downhill, I get the feeling it is simply going to get worse. I am digging into my survival food instead of stocking up.

I think what I really want to say today is – When SHTF slowly but surely, it is not a lot of fun. It is stressful to see your family and friends trying to make more money to pay the bills. I am grateful when I’ve got electricity – had none on Tuesday. Grateful when the water pressure is good. Relieved when my mother picks up the phone in the morning, still alive. Hopeful that my clients will be able to pay for my services at the end of the month.